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Vista Pointe residents are provided 2 remotes for the Zoar Gate for free.  Additional remotes are provided with a $50 fee.  To obtain a remote, the Vista Pointe owner or resident must show or provide the following:
  • Signed acknowledgement of the Remote Usage Policy (Acknowledgement Box on this Request)
  • Driver’s license or recent utility bill displaying a Vista Pointe Address (upload a copy/picture using the optional attachment at the bottom of the form)
  • Vehicle license number of each remote vehicle
Upon typing your name in the Acknowledgement Box, you are signing the following Remote Usage Policy:
Remote Usage Policy:
I am an owner or resident of Vista Pointe.  I agree that I will not intentionally share, loan or give away my remote that grants access to the Zoar Road Gate.  I will utilize this remote for my personal use only and will not share the remote with anyone who does not live at my Vista Pointe residence.  
If my remote is lost, stolen or given to another person who is not an owner or resident, I understand it will be de-activated.  A lost or stolen remote will have a $50 replacement fee.  
I understand that EADS Fence WILL NOT accept/program any remote purchased without the approval of the Vista Pointe Board.
I understand all remotes received by homeowners will be documented and monitored.  I understand that upon moving from the neighborhood, the remote should be returned to the Vista Point Homeowner’s Association.  A $50 will be added to your final account balance if not returned.  New owners will need to follow the process to get remotes assigned to them.
I agree to the above terms and conditions outlined in the remote usage policy and by typing my name in the Acknowledgement Box I indicate my agreement of these terms and conditions.
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