Management and the Architectural Review Board (ARB) would like to share some important reminders regarding additions or improvements to the exterior of your home.  There are processes that were established, and they must be followed when these types of changes are made.  An Improvement Application must be submitted and APPROVED by the ARB prior to making any alterations to the exterior.
When a homeowner wants to make an exterior home improvement, homeowners must follow the following process:
1) Submit through the website an Online Request for Improvement.  You will be able to attach the requested drawings to the online form.
3) The ARB will review the application and supporting documentation at the next ARB meeting.  The ARB will meet monthly.
4) You will be issued an email advising you of the ARB decision.

 The following are some examples of improvements that require an improvement application and ARB approval: Installing of any outdoor recreational equipment (basketball hoop, trampoline, play sets, soccer nets, etc.), Installing a fence, Installing a fire pit or permanently placed outdoor furniture, Altering landscape designs, adding or removing trees, Redoing or extending a patio or a deck, Painting exterior of home, Re-roofing of your home, or Installing a pool.
Those are only a few examples, so remember that ALL exterior improvements or additions must follow the improvement process and require ARB approval.  If you are unsure if an addition or improvement you are planning requires approval, please use the Contact Us and choose Improvement Application Questions (ARB).